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Community Building

Before the Wilson Indian Community was established in 1985, earlier Muscogee (Creek) citizens around the community started meeting in 1976.

Chief Cox and his administration initiated the plan for Creek citizens who lived within the 11 counties of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation to form their own communities under the nations government.

In order to establish their communities they held many meetings in homes, churches and outdoor parks. The nation assisted them on how to organize, conduct business, help their community and have fundraisers. Some of the goals were to become an outreach for the nation for information sharing, resource for identifying needs within the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, become self-sufficient, and to revive the spirit of our people who were once communal, through socialization.

Once they established membership and named their community, the people would have a building constructed on property that the nation would purchase for them.

Founding the Community Organization

  • The first officers of the Wilson Indian Community were President, Tom Berryhill Sr.; Vice-President, Lucille Bear; Secretary, Dicey Barnett; and Treasurer, Elmer Berryhill.
  • Members were Pauline and Nathan Billy, Rufus Berryhill, Blanche Berryhill, Carranza Burgess and Hepsey Gilroy.

They labored in the community to help one another through the assistance of the nation with a lawn mowing program for the community. Much of the equipment they used was donated by members. They held lunch and breakfast fundraisers at the complex and neighborhood. They also held garage sales, and food sales. At each meeting members would put in donation monies. The monies would go toward helping the community with whatever the committee decided and some were set aside to go toward the Community Building.

All of the first officers except one are gone now, never seeing the building they so diligently labored for. Dicey Barnett is still our secretary.